Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Copeland Farley

I know that many of you who read our thoughts and prayers here were directed to our site from a similar blog established for little Copeland Farley by her parents, Conor and Boothe. Others of you, no doubt, have visited their website by clicking the link on our blog. For those of you who haven't made it to the Farley's blog, I encourage you to click here and read it now.

Conor and Boothe live with their three-year-old daughter, Sellers, near Nashville, Tennessee, and are traveling this same road as Angie and me, although they are further along their journey. They learned some three months ago that their next daughter, Copeland, has Trisomy 18. Because of shared experiences, Angie and I have had the opportunity to get to know Conor and Boothe. God has used them mightily to minister to us and I have grown to love them dearly. I wanted to take a moment this morning to discuss the Farleys because they are headed to the hospital today to welcome precious Copeland into this world. I ask you to pray for them today and this week.

I've wondered through the past few weeks how to pray in my own life during this time and what my real needs are. How do we pray while we await on the eve of our darkest night? I know that the Spirit will intercede for me when I pray, but I yearn to pray with my own tongue the words that the Father will hear. I have thought a lot about Conor and Boothe and God has put a prayer in my heart that He has heard before and I believe He hears again when I pray. Our dear Savior, Jesus Himself, as He grieved in Gethsemane, was in His darkest hour. The most evil day that the world would ever know was just before Him and He prayed, "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me." He taught us that it is OK to ask for deliverance from our heaviest burdens, from our greatest pains. However, His prayer did not end there, for in the same breath He added, "Yet not as I will, but as You will." Jesus' ultimate focus remained on the wishes of the Father.

So, this is my prayer for Conor and Boothe, that God might deliver them from this terrible grief and heal their sweet, gentle baby. I know, though, that Conor and Boothe most desire for God to be glorified and that the greatest plan for their lives and for the life of Copeland, is the plan that the Father has already chosen, whatever that plan is. I further pray that God will provide Conor and Boothe with great strength and the absence of all fear. I encourage you again, just as you've so faithfully and generously prayed for Angie and me as we've watched the rain begin to fall, please pray for Conor and Boothe today as they face the raging flood.


Jana said...

Nathan, thank you for your reminder that no matter what is going on in my own life, I should ALWAYS take time to remember and pray for others who are struggling in ways that I may never understand.

8hatchers said...

Angie - my husband & i babysat boothe as a little girl. we love their family dearly. we are praying for them especially today. i told your mom i had someone i wanted you to know about -- but you & boothe had already found each other. isn't God great?

in our burden for them, we discovered you and are praying for you too.

Laurie said...

Nathan and Angie,

Conor and Boothe are top on my prayers today as Copelands birthday is upon them. My heart is holding its breath, or so it feels this way. Your prayer is so perfect for this season, as you follow their footsteps down this same path. I want so much to be of more help for all of your hearts but all I can do is keep going to our Father and ask that His will be gentle. It feels as if the world is out here on the other side of the delivery room, waiting for the news of Copelands arrival. I do not know any of you personally but I am a mother and now a grandmother, so it is with this heart I bring your storms before the Lord. I will be outside the delivery room for Poppy Joy also when that time comes. All children are a gift from God, no mistakes, fearfully and wonderfully made by His tender hands. Some have walked this path before you and some will follow in your footsteps.
The light of the Lord shines through all of you and I am blessed by your words. I too, plead for the cup to pass from you, the rest is in His Will. Love, Laurie in Ca.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for posting this. I have been thinking about the Farleys, a family I do not know, all day. My prayers are with them. Happy birthday, Copeland.

jeweljannie said...

Dear Nathan,
Thanks for reminding me to pray for this sweet family. You are loved and very appreciated. Mom E.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, precious baby. You have touched my heart.

Jenna said...

Praying for your family as well as for Copeland and her's. Your writings have been a blessing and I will continue to lift up you and your sweet family.

With Love, Jenna in Georgia

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