Tuesday, November 22, 2011

will I ever blog again?

The neglect around these parts it astounding. Has a little blog ever been so discarded by it's proprietor? Yes, I'm sure it is probably a very common fate for many the unfortunate blog, and I'm sad to have to put myself in the bad blogger column, maybe forever.

I would love to keep a chronicle of our life, the ups and downs and everyday-ness of it, but evidently I don't want to as much as I want to pick up a book, or watch basketball, or work on a project, etc., ect, because those are the things I inevitably do.

Ah well. If I am taking the time, I want to say in fast forward what has been going on. Graham is almost ONE. He is amazing. Funny, sweet, playful, hungry and adventurous. Adrienne and Marianna are busy bees, loving their brother, gymnastics, school, church, and playing. Nathan and are daily throwing around ideas for our upcoming (still 6 months away, but yes, upcoming) 10th anniversary. Today's look: Costa Rica. Seems risky though. If we don't like it, we are pretty much stuck. On the other hand, what's not to like?

There we are in a nutshell. I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I'm already excited about Christmas. Life is busy, full, and very, very filled with amazing and undeserved blessings from Jesus.

And of course, a quick picture collage of the kids:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas in the Valley 2011

That's right... it's that time again! For all my Memphis area friends, I really hope you're able to make it out to my mom's annual Christmas craft fair extravaganza... Christmas in the Valley! It will be on November 19 from 10-3, and it is completely open to the public! So, brings you friends and family and come out for a fun-filled day of shopping! There will be about 20 vendors, and they'll all be offering incredible one day only discounts! Check out the website for more details, and don't forget to go enter the giveaway!

c in the v flyer 2011