Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tomorrow is a flagship day for me. Adrienne and I will be driving to Dallas alone, which will make for the longest I've ever been behind the wheel, and the farthest I've ever traveled by car with one of the kids. I'm sure praying it goes well! Especially in this heat. Goodness gracious. I thought it was hot here (temps around 103) but in Dallas they're even hotter (108!!).

But tomorrow is also a flagship day for another very important reason. For the first time ever, Nathan and I have a very good friend running for political office! Our friend Paul Boyd is running in the Shelby County election for Probate Court Clerk, and tomorrow is election day!!! It is so wonderful to be able to really know that the person running for office is someone with integrity and ability who can be trusted to do a fantastic job while in office. I hate that politics has become a dirty business in some many areas, but that's one more reason why I'm all the more excited that Paul is running. I early voted, so I will not have to make an early dash out to the polls before we take off, but I hope that if any of you living in Shelby County have not yet voted, you will make it a priority to make it to the polls tomorrow!

Before all of that excitement begins tomorrow, we have our big 20 week ultrasound for baby Graham today. Nathan and I have decided to take Marianna with us, and I am excited to be able to experience the ultrasound through her eyes. I have already had the opportunity to see our baby on an ultrasound screen 4 times before today, but Marianna will be seeing him for the very first time. It is such an amazing thing, something that still takes my breath away every time. We are so grateful to go into today with an amazing peace surrounding us, but we continue to pray that everything today will point toward a healthy, growing baby!