Sunday, January 30, 2011

the culprit

What has been keeping me from blogging? I guess the better question might be, what hasn't? But, just for fun, I'll go ahead and name the top 5.

5. My Nook. I got it at the end of December, and I am an ADDICT. I have read more in the past four weeks than the entire time I was pregnant. And unfortunately, I probably had more time for it then. I was hesitant about leaving the physical paper and ink behind, but it took roughly five minutes before I was sold. Having any book I want at the touch of my fingers has proved a little too tempting. I'm now seeking balance =).

4. SICKNESS! I don't know what has been going on around here, but we have paid more co-pays to the doctor in January than we did all last year. Graham has had RSV, we both go pink eye, and I came down most recently with a freakish fever virus. Nothing has been serious, praise God, but it has slowed us down, no doubt about it!

3. Tiger Basketball. 2 games a week. Every week =)

2. Not nearly as much as I hope to admit in the coming weeks, but exercise is very slowly working it's way back into my reality. It is nice to feel normal again, a big part of which includes the ability to move at more than a recreational pace! I have decided to join a gym with my sister so that we can take aerobic classes in the mornings, and then, once the weather gets a little better, back to the pavement I will go.

1. 2 girls and a boy (really 2 boys. Nathan wouldn't want to be left out ;) ). This has been the biggest and most welcome culprit. I love the extra time that is dedicated every day to our newest addition, and I love that somehow, there is still time for everyone else too! Maybe we're not a slick oiled machine. Maybe we'll never be, but it works. We are learning how to play, rest, run errands, and live life as a family of 5, and so far, we've found that it's hard and wonderful. I'm pretty sure that's not going to change.