Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

I had the opportunity several weeks ago to fly out to Colorado Springs to speak with Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk ministries. It was such a privilege! I have grown up listening to Dr. Dobson, reading his books, and hearing about his stand for issues related to the family, so I was so honored to be able to go myself and speak with him about Poppy. I was given the chance to share our story of God's faithfulness to us through the diagnosis of trisomy 18. I shared about the incredible blessing in disguise that Poppy embodied, and our gratefulness to God for walking the journey with us. I'm praying that as it airs today, women who find themselves in the same spot that I did over four years ago will find hope and encouragement in our story! If you would like to listen to our interview, you can go to and stream our conversation. Also, here is a link to Poppy's Video.