Saturday, June 20, 2009

we have a swimmer

One day she uses floaties, and the next day...Well, you can see that floatation devices are now a thing of the past.  That is until she gets exhausted from the bizzilion laps she's done and she decides to slap those floaties back on for a few minutes of relaxation before she's at it again.

What else can she do?  I'm glad you asked, because on top of swimming, Marianna is also a top-notch catapulter, cannon-baller, and belly-flopper.  I just caught one of the three with the camera, but all were equally entertaining.

And what about our other little water lover? She's making big strokes all her own.  

Nathan told me summer isn't official for a few more days.  I say, tell that to the kids!  For us, summer is definitely in full swing.

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Emily said...

Lucky you! We have been trying to teach our oldest, but he's a little cautious in the water! Great job, Marianna!