Monday, June 1, 2009

a few FYIs

  • Today is June 1, which means we are just a week away from the memory verse challenge.  I am down to my last verse, so just one more to memorize over the next week.  I tell you what, taking a month to work on a passage is so doable! I hardly feel like I've been memorizing because the repitition of reading over it every day really did the work without me even noticing. For the occasion, Marianna and I have been working on something very special that we will reveal, one week from today, on Monday, June 8.   So for those who are memorizing with us, don't give up, and for those who would like to jump on board with a few verses this week, please join us!
  • For those of you who have been waiting anxiously for an update on Marianna's wart situation, I can now give a report of a 50% success.  One wart gone, one wart remains.  But the good news is that the wart polish was never painful, even when the blisters appeared.  That means that a repeat visit to take care of the more stubborn of the warts shouldn't be an ordeal at all.  And maybe by this time a month from now, Marianna will be wart free.
  • Adrienne has improved tremendously since I asked for advice on her eating habits back inthis post.  She will now eat anything that has a dry texture.  Sure, that leaves out fruits and vegetables, but for now, I'll take an overload on carbs over nothing.  I know she's going to get there sooner or later, and I'm just getting a few bonus lessons in patience while we wait.
  • I can now happily tell you that my haircut that started out on the wrong foot two months ago, has now grown to the exact length I requested at the cut!  I'm taking in this picture next time (which is still probably two months down the road) to try and knock down the communication barriers that seemed to be present that fateful day.  

Happy June!


Jennifer said...

Just a thought, but if Adrienne will only eat dry texture stuff, why don't you try baking some sort of bread and sneak some pureed fruits and veggies in it. You could always try banana bread or zucchini bread.

Emily said...

Glad you're making progress and you (and your hubby) looked very cute in that picture!

Laurin said...

Love your purple dress, Angie!

Who is naebyrd/ rna? said...

try died fruits? or freeze dried berries