Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Things Thursday

1. You know how people forget the pain of childbirth after the baby is born because the baby is so wonderful they can't think about anything else? I think there is a similar correlation between spring and sinus colds. I love spring so much, I forget each year about the sinus pressure and headaches that go hand in hand. I wouldn't trade the weather for anything, but at the same time, breathing out of my right nostril again wouldn't be half bad either.

2. I think resurrection eggs are a great idea! I have never seen them before this year, but I used them recently to tell the Easter story and I loved it.

3. March Madness is heavenly to me. There is no sporting event that can hold a candle to it. Brackets, back-to-back games, upsets and Cinderella stories... I love it.

4. We play volleyball with our Sunday School class at church, and tonight we kissed our undefeated season goodbye. I hate to lose, but we're still holding out hope for winning the overall championship.

5. I just ordered two new books, one on marriage and one on parenting. I was given advice recently to read as many on both subjects as I could, and I realized that it had been years since I had read a book on either one. The marriage book is called Love and War and the parenting book is Shepherding a Child's Heart. I'll let you know what I learn!

6. Marianna has her first soccer game on Saturday. It feels so momentous: the first sporting event of what will surely be hundreds to come. Marianna may not know much about the rules just yet, but she does have the gear: pink socks, pink shorts, pink and black cleats, and a soccer ball with pink markings. To her, what else matters?

7. We were talking the other day about her first game, and Marianna asked, "Mom, what happens if I fall down and the grass gets me? Do I still keep playing?" Her tone indicated she didn't see how that could be possible. I realized this might be an interesting season.

8. I love that Adrienne is a hugger. She'll give a hug to anyone she meets, and if you don't see her coming, it's more like a tackle.

9. It was with a lot of joy that I packed away all of the girls' winter clothes this week.

10. That being said, I am fully prepared to go through a cold snap or two between now and permanently warm weather. But that's just life. We'll slap on some Springy white sweaters with our summer dresses, and we'll deal it. There's no turning back now. Spring is here!


Laurin said...

Oh, Angie. We'll be slapping on those sweaters too. We, in fact, need at least one more white sweater and it just so happens Old Navy has them on sale today for $10. Yay.
I hope A will tackle me when I see her next week! Can I expect it?
I've read the latter book you've mentioned and, quite, frankly, it has shaped our way that we parent b/c it seems to us to breakdown Biblical truths. Let me know how the first book you've mentioned is!
Have you tried Resurrection cookies? I may post it on my blog. I tried to get the Resurrection eggs at Lifeway but they were all sold out....a friend suggested that I make my own.
Can you tell I miss you??? Hence all this response to your post = ).

Mel said...

I bet M looks so cute in all her pink gear! And I love that A is a hugger :)