Saturday, December 12, 2009

a new trick

To me, Photoshop is like the Bermuda triangle. I feel like once I step in, I might get swallowed up by the vastness of everything I don't know about it. It's scary, so I generally don't touch it.

But tonight I have broken through a barrier and peeled back a tiny corner of that vastness that has previously been untouched. Yes, I have learned a new trick, and I'm going to show it off.

The backdrop for my new talent is the Alpine Village, a wonderfully magical Christmas event at a local church that focuses on children under age 10. I was blown away by everything, from the 10 or so cottages the kids could go into to make crafts, cookies, candles, cards, and more, to the North Pole visit to Santa, to the live nativity, to the puppet show. It was really fantastic, and as you will see, the girls had a blast.

Here they are showing off their new ink.

Posing, angelic and frostine.

And there you have it. I've learned how to make a photo collage with my pictures. Nathan wanted to know if I thought the new discovery would revolutionize my blogging. Probably not.
But it is fun, and I do love new tricks!


Jena said...

Angie--where is Alpine Village? I have been looking for something fun to do with my boys and I am running out of time. Hope you are doing well!

connie said...

Well, I'm completely impressed, and can't believe you managed to move it onto the blog. Someday.....

Dawn said...

Will you please share how you did it? I would love a tutorial!

Angie said...


I wish the Alpine Village was open longer b/c it would have been the perfect thing to do!! It was actually only open this weekend and reservations had to be made. But next year I will try and post ahead to let everyone know when it is going to be! It is hosted by Trinity Baptist church in Cordova, and I feel confident that we will make this a yearly tradition!


Angie said...


I actually followed the step by step tutorial that I found on McMama's blog ( under her photography section. If you have photo shop, it is a synch, and if you don't, she said there are tons of free programs out there with layouts you can put your photos into. I'm not sure what got into me, but all of the sudden I felt a need to learn blog photo posting tips this weekend, and it has been fun! Last night's project was to learn how to make my pictures show up bigger on the blog. That was quite a bit more complicated that the layout since it involved html, but still so fun to see!