Friday, December 18, 2009

Marianna's musings

Today I thought I would share with you some of Marianna's keener observations of late. She keeps me laughing on a daily basis, and I hope some of them make you smile too. Enjoy!!

*A few days ago Marianna and Adrienne were eating lunch in the car. Adrienne had already finished her chicken and she decided she would like to have some of Marianna's lunch as well. Marianna tried for several minutes to keep the sandwich out of reach, but Adrienne continued to protest. That's when Marianna decided to try a new tactic. I heard her announce: "Okay Adrienne, the person whose hand is bigger will get to eat the sandwich. (half second pause for examination) Well, it looks like my hand is bigger. I get the sandwich!"

No arguing that logic, right? Unfortunately, Adrienne wasn't satisfied with the full proof decider-of-sandwich method Marianna created, and the protest continued until the sandwich was gone =).

*Yesterday morning I let the girls each open an early Christmas present that came in the mail. Marianna was thrilled with her new microphone, but it turns out Adrienne was as well. Between the signing microphone and the screaming girls, the noise level was soon above operational. We sat down and had a talk about the right and wrong ways to respond to a toy being taken away, and with Christmas just a week away, I felt it was a much needed discussion. A few minutes later I asked Marianna, " What do I not want to hear on Christmas morning?" hoping to reinforce what we had just talked about. She immediately replied, "That Santa Claus isn't real!"

I had to stop and laugh. Yesterday we had also had a discussion, focusing on the fact that while Marianna does not believe in Santa, her cousins do, so any word to the contrary that would ruin Christmas for them would not be appreciated. So, yes, she was right. An exclamation of "Santa Claus isn't real!" is definitely not what I want to hear on Christmas. Among other things.

I tried again. "What else do I not want to hear on Christmas morning?" She replies in her meanest voice, "I hate you! I will never be your friend! I don't want any of my presents!..." And I cut that little tirade off right there. Yes, once again, she hit the bulls eye. None of those things would be music to my ear on Christmas morning either. I realized the open-endness of my question was getting me no where, so we went ahead and moved on. Hopefully, she will also remember, among all the other many examples she gave of what not to say on Christmas, that she will also not scream if her sister takes a toy from her =).

*The other day we were listening to a Christmas cd that I have in the car. One of the songs is Faith Hill's "A Baby Changes Everything", and as soon as that song finished playing Marianna exclaimed, "Mom, that song is just like me, isn't it? Because when I was a baby, I changed everything too." I responded, "Well, for me and your daddy, you certainly did."

If nothing else, we've given the child a healthy self-esteem, wouldn't you say?

So what has your child said today that has you rolling with laughter? I'd love to hear!


Brandi said...

Hilarious! Such a good idea to record all of these funny things before you forget them. I wish I had a blog just for that purpose.

Laurin said...

I loved reading this...Marianna is quite the witty little girl. I feel like she's been that way all along....
Hmm...let's see. I can't think of anything said today but I think last week a conversation went a bit like this:
Me: Savannah, please pick up your sister's cup and hand it to her.
S: Well. I think my muscles are not strong (enough) to do that today.

= )

Faith said...

...and Poppy Joy changed everything...for many more than just you and your husband...
and Adrienne changed everything for many
I am one of those changed by your story.

kelly said...

We were getting ready to take our kiddos to see a live nativity and my 4 year old asked " just how far is it to Bethlehem" and my three year piped in with " do we have to wear the big seat belts" when we got there he then asked " where's David? I thought we were seeing David" Clearly they are taking those verses literally!

our family said...

Cute. The things kids say are so great. We also don't really believe in Santa at our house but enjoyed being Secret Santas for a member of our family and doing kind things like putting that persons shoes away or making their bed. So my five year old, Rose says "We don't believe in Santa, but we believe in Secret Santa." My three year old, Pearl told my husband n Christmas Eve "Daddy be careful when you come down the chimney tonight."
I got my daughter a wonderful book called "The Lamb" by John R. Cross It is a book written at the level a four year old can understand about the message of the Bible from the Creation to the redemption through the cross. After reading the chapter about heaven with my five year old I asked her How are all the people in heaven? (trying to get her to say they are always very happy) instead she replied "dead"!

Merry Christmas to you and your precious family.
Rachel in TN (formerly Rachel in PA)

connie said...

I always enjoy the Marianna-isms. Your girls are so adorable.