Monday, December 29, 2008


I guess you've noticed by now that I succumbed to blog overload =). I have never attempted day-to-day posting before, and in the end I found I didn't have what it took... I suppose I'm not a true blogger at heart, and by the time Christmas week arrived, I couldn't tie myself down to the computer any longer.

The past week was truly wonderful. The girls and I, along with some other members of our family, got the chance to go out and do a few more things we really wanted to do out in the community, and then Christmas Eve and forward we reveled in family time. It couldn't have been any sweeter, the perfect way to wind up this season that has meant so much to my heart.

On Christmas night we got the chance to do some reflecting with our family about last year, the mind-boggling things that have happened since, and the dramatic way we have been carried from last December to this one. Last year I was immersed in living through a holiday season with the fresh grief and loss of Poppy pressing in, constantly reminding me of what had been given and so shortly after taken away. We celebrated, completely void of the light-hearted bouyancy usually associated with the season, but with a deeper understanding of the amazing gift God gave by letting go of His only son.

Then fast forward one year later, and the changes from last season to this are striking. Unbelievable even. I really have a hard time fathoming it, but I know we got here, one day at a time, until we reached the point that we were able to give out of the overflow of our hearts; so in contrast to that place we were last year, gratefully accepting the prayers and love and gifts being poured into us by others.

Nothing could have been more meaningful to me this year than getting to meet the incredible people we came across as we looked for ways to give to others, just as so many had given to us. I look back at each thing we got to do with so much thankfulness! Not one thing was done without a huge blessing to our own lives, and nothing can replace the joy in being able to see my girls get to experience the other side of Christmas. I could not have asked for a better 25 days.

So many of you wrote or commented throughout the season, and the things you shared made everything all the richer. I am so blessed by you! Like I said before, I'm really not the blogging type, but you have inspired me to keep sharing this journey, and you have made it so worth it! I pray this Christmas was full of meaning and joy for you, despite the particular spot you find yourself, whether in the valley, on the mountain, or somewhere in between. May God's rich blessings be with you as we look forward to the New Year!


Laurie in Ca. said...

Sweet Angie,

I think you did a wonderful job of posting your 25 days of sharing and giving to others. You gave me wonderful ideas for me to prepare for next year and for when Christmas comes too. I would like it to be more of a habit for me to do whenever I have the chance. I have been so blessed by your faith and example this past year and I know it will only grow richer in the coming year. I love you and your family Angie.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Anonymous said...

Angie, This is times sharing with others, and following your blog help to make this season more special. Poppy Joy too is always remembered too, the Love ya'll shared with her in a very short time. Now the Joy in raising two beauful girls and sharing the meaning of the season JESUS!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Happy New Year Angie and Nathan,

I am thinking about you on this New Years Eve and have to tell you I am so blessed to have followed you this past year and walk in prayer with you through it all. What an honor to be going into a new year and continue to follow you. I was "tagged" for the first time on my blog today and if you have a chance to read it, it is amazing what came up. I don't know if you visit or not, but let me know if you do. I love seeing you there. Have a blessed night my friend.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Courtney said...

I just wanted you to know that the little girl you made cards for through the Macs site - Emerson, is extremely ill at this point. I actually heard about her through another site and recognized her from your blog. I know the family would appreciate prayers.

Kim ( said...

Thinking of you, praying you will continued to be so beautifully blessed in 2009!! Thanks for encouraging and challenging us all this Christmas season!