Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4- The Music

I've got to admit that I'm one of those people who likes to start listening to Christmas music the first day of December all the way through the 25th. I know some can't take more than a day or two, but for me the music is so intrinsically connected to the season, I can't have one without the other. I could do without ever hearing another rendition of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" for the rest of my life, but there are others that seem to make everything a little bit richer.

So today's task is to create a playlist. I plan on going to iTunes tonight and downloading enough songs to make a good CD from that we can listen to in lieu of the radio. I know there are thousands of CDs already available, but I get tired of the same artist, even a good one, for a whole set of Christmas songs... There's just something about the variety that I like at Christmas. That being said, here are few that are for sures:

1. O Little Town of Bethlehem --my all time favorite! Does anyone have a favorite artist who sings this one? I'm still looking!
2. O Holy Night--I think I'm going to go with Martina on this one.
3. Jesus, King of Angels--this is a song by Fernando Ortega that is BEAUTIFUL. If you haven't heard it, you need to!
4. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer--this is Marianna's ultimate Christmas song, one we sing together just about every hour =)
5. Let it Snow!
6. Away in a Manger
7. Jingle Bells
8. Welcome to Our World--this is the song sung when Marianna played baby Jesus in our church's Christmas program just weeks after she was born. I love the Chris Rice version.

Those are the non-negotiables, but I'm looking for others. Do you have any must haves for the season? Do you have a particular artist that has a great version of one of the songs above? I'd love to hear your input!


MandieGirl said...

I'll look later on, but I enjoy Starbuck's Christmas CDs because they always feature several different artists, and they're usually all really great!

Stephanie D. said...

Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven". I was in the choir with a gal who had the most beautiful voice, and she sang this in our church's Christmas pageant when she was 8 months pregnant herself. It really brought home that facet of Christ's birth.

our family said...

My girls (ages 2 and 4) love the Little Drummer Boy. I bet Marianna would enjoy it too.

Anonymous said...

Joy to the World by David Phelps is awesome. My little boy tries to sing with him and gets really high. It is precious.

Anonymous said...

"This Baby" by Steven Curtis Chapman

Anonymous said...

Faith Hill has an awesome Christmas CD out. And it's brand new.

Katie said...

when love came down, point of grace!

love your list!!

Naomi said...

Angie, I have never left a comment on your blog before. Yet, I followed your story faithfully, praying for you & Poppy daily since Mardecia shared your blog with us.

I like just about each song on Martina McBride's, Lonestar's, and Point of Grace's Christmas CD.

I also love Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven", Mercy Me's "Joseph's Lullaby", Gaither Vocal Band's "Mary, Did You Know?", Selah's "Light of the Stable" and "Mystery" and "Rose of Bethelehem".

I share the same love as you for Christmas music!

Just Me said...

I created a playlist of Christmas songs on my blog with a bunch of random artists (it was pretty fun!). Some of my favorites I put on the playlist are Sarah McLachlan "Song for a Winter's Night", Third Day "Manger Throne", and Joy Williams "Here with Us", and I agree with the Amy Grant "Breath of Heaven". Have fun!!

I uploaded all my Christmas albums into iTunes last week before the speakers broke on my computer...I can't wait to get it back!

Great idea...I'm looking forward to seeing your "playlist" and maybe adding to mine from that :o)

Take care,

WallysMama said...

Amy's version of O Little Town is simply the best!

Maria said...

dear Angie,
i've been a reader for a long while, and i can't remember if i've commented before. i wanted to give a suggestion and offer a critique of your post about Make A Child Smile.
when i read the post, i immediately thought of my neighbors, Alison and Dough. their daughters Caroline and Kate both have an extremely rare genetic condition called Niemann-Pick disease. sadly, Caroline died in October 2007 at age 9. Kate's condition continues to decline, but she is still able to walk and attends a special education class at a public school.
from your post i got the idea to nominate Kate to be one of the children selected to receive cards. then i spotted the following notice:
NOTE: Children between ages 2 and 17 suffering from life-threatening NEUROLOGICAL illnesses will qualify for MACS only if parent/guardian sends a medical mental evaluation stating that the child has mental abilities of a 2 year old or older. The child must have the ability to comprehend the intent behind the cards they'll receive as a result of being featured on MACS.

i was stunned by this. while Kate is six years old, she is non-verbal and no one knows exactly how much she understands. she would not qualify for MACS. how sad! regardless of whether she "comprehended the intent behind the cards," Kate would certainly be delighted by the attention, and such a gesture would be so very meaningful to Alison and Doug. i am sad that such an organization would exclude so many children who with their families might gain so much from receiving loving wishes from strangers. how can this be? Kate is no less a person than other children who are more aware. I am sure you do not consider your precious Poppy Joy to be any less of a human being even though her neurological capacity was limited. as you Take Christmas Back, I want to urge you to affirm the humanity of all children, sick and healthy, tiny and grown - all deserving of God's love and our charity.
i know you have a number of days left in your TCB campaign, and so I want to share Kate's story with you and encourage you and Marianna to send Christmas cards her way. you can read about Kate and see pictures here:
if you and your family decide that you might want to reach out to Kate (and Alison and Doug), please be in touch with me and I will give you their address. here's my e-mail: maria.m.robbins at
i so enjoy following your blog, and i am so happy that you and your family seem so happy. please do be in touch if you'd like to write to Kate and her family. i know it would delight them to no end. Christmas is such a hard time for them since they lost Caroline.
thanks for considering it!
love from Nashville,

ps. my full name is Maria Mayo Robbins if you'd like to google me and make sure i'm for real!

Maria said...

how embarrassing.
his name is DOUG, not dough. !

Amanda Smith said...

I have read your blog for a while now - I forget what lead me to it but i truley enjoy watching God unfold you life before you and the graciousness that you recieve his wishes.
I would like to suggest 'Mary's Boy Child' for your christmas Cd as it is one of my favorites and I enjoy listening to songs that relay the message of Jesus during this season... Although I do a rousing rendition of Jingle Bell Rock as well!!!!

Hillary said...

I am a HUGE fan of Mary Did You Know and Breath of Heaven. Your list is great and I think I will do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

O Holy Night by Josh Groban is amazing!

hkyra said...

Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir has a song titled "Happy Birthday, Jesus" that is just precious. It brings tears to my eyes every time. Children are singing along with the Choir, so your daughter would enjoy it. I am enjoying reading about the wonderful Christmas memories you are making with your family.

Marianne said...

Reba McEntire's On This Day, This is My Prayer for You, One Child One Day, The Angels Sang, The Secret of Giving, and anybody's version of Mary Did you Know? Marianna might like the silly I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas; my 2 and 3 year old girls love it. I adore Christmas music too and have been guilty of listening to it in the heat of July before.

Brianna said...

Hello there. Like a few of the girls on here I've never commented but have followed your story for a long time now. I love reading your blog. I just wanted to suggest the song "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill. I listened to it today and I cried. It really gives you from a prespective of where Mary had to go through.

Jessica said...

Travis Cottrell "Ring the Bells" is awesome as well as "Jesus Saves" on the same album (Ring the Bells). It is new and worth every dime!

Josh_and_Lee said...

i love whitney houston singing "do you hear what i hear" on the cd A Very Special Christmas. i also really like The Bird and the Bee singing "Carol of the Bells".