Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 18-Patience

A month or two ago we were driving along when I saw something (a wreck I think) that made me exclaim "Whoa!" Marianna immediately responded by shouting, "Hey Buddy, are you going to let us in?!" It was at that moment that I realized a) I talk out loud in the car more than I thought, and b) I'm not the virtue of patience on the road.

It seems like pre-Christmas shopping and traffic are synonymous with lost tempers and thin patience, so I made an early commitment in November not to lose it! And then what do you know, I haven't had the opportunity to make good on the commitment once. I've been surrounded by the most genial shoppers, courteous drivers, and the like that it's been shocking. Definitely a commitment I've been happy not to have to keep because of such happy circumstances. But then finally, last night I had my chance. I was driving around our busy mall area when I found myself behind a guy who didn't understand the fundamentals of traffic flow in a crowded situation. I was about to pass him by and mutter something about his under par driving capabilities when I caught myself and realized how quickly that patience had evaporated. I slowed down, realized how minor a situation it really was, and sat back to enjoy the slower pace.

Yet another one of the little things I suppose it wouldn't hurt to take home for good from this Christmas adventure.


leslianne said...

"hen I found myself behind a guy who didn't understand the fundamentals of traffic flow in a crowded situation...."
this is my favorite part. it somehow makes the whole post ring true:) i can just hear you saying it.
love you!

The VW's said...

You are reminding us of so many important lessons! Thank You! God Bless You! And, Merry Christmas!

beth ewing said...

hi. i know i dont' know you but i'm a mom to a 2.5 year old. we've been trying for 20 months now for #2 with lots of tests, treatments and procedures. i got pregnant in september and lost the baby at 9 weeks. now we're considering adoption. i was just wondering how your adoption happened so quickly. all the sites say 1 year and you seemed to get yours done in like 6 months. if you have a minute please email me (please don't just comment on my blog b/c we're not ready to tell people we are considering this).

Jana said...

Marianna's comment is MUCH more appropriate than those Olivia has uttered in an effort to copy me.