Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Things

It's a New Year! So far ours hasn't ushered in anything more exciting that pink eye (me), fluid build up in ears (Adrienne), two top teeth for a total of six (Adrienne), some chocolate fondue (Nathan and me) and lots of family time (all of us); a little excitement, a little fun, and a little yuck. Probably a good indicator of the mixture of things still to come for the rest of 2009.

I love the new beginning each new year brings, and though I have to admit I didn't make one specific resolution, I am excited about what the year will hold. I know last year was BIG, but I don't think that means this one is pre-destined to be boring. I have two sweet, beautiful girls, a husband I am crazy about, and two dogs who at least most of the time add to our lives as much as they take away due to bad behavior. I'd say that's a formula for another pretty incredible year, one I'm excited about living!

One change I'm instituting right away has to do with the blog. I'm not going to change the domain name because I still want people to be able to come and read about Poppy and her life, but for all practical purposes, this will now be my family blog. Not that it hasn't been the case for the past year, but I guess I'm making it official. The big and the trivial, as long as it relates to life in our little family, will be fair game.

So here's to a new year, with possibilities that I can't even begin to guess. I am hoping for some things: a first step, a first word, first time riding alone on a bike, first time as a family to Disney, first time to run a 5k in under 26 minutes, but beyond that, who can say? All I can say is that God knows it all, and that is enough for me.

I wish you all a wonderful new beginning!




Laurin said...

happy new year, angie! this sweet post made me miss you and yours even more!

Anonymous said...

I thought about you today when the Nashville Wraps catalog came! You have to log onto their website and see all of the beautiful poppy wrapping that they are selling this winter!!!!!!! They have gift bags, paper, tissue, boxes, etc!!!! I thought of you immediately (even though we have never met!) it is the poppy fields collection!!!! It is on the cover of the catalog!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!