Thursday, January 22, 2009


Through the crazy twists and turns God has taken us through, He has now brought us to the place where more people can hear about Him because of what has happened. This is sanctity of human life month, and Life Choices (the crisis pregnancy center and adoption agency we worked with) has asked Nathan and me to speak to a local church in the Sunday service about our story. We will get a chance to share about Poppy and the difference her life made. We will share how her life, however brief, held indescribable value, and how something so broken in the world's eyes, could be used to make such an impact on the hearts of those who found out about her story. We will share about our journey through adoption and the brave, courageous choice of one birth mother that led us to Adrienne. We will get to tell people that life is precious, no matter what circumstances surround it, and we will have the chance to encourage others to make life affirming decisions in their own lives. All of that because of a beautiful girl named Poppy Joy.

I didn't see all of that a year ago. The future, still unclear, didn't show me where God was going to take us. But now, praise God, I can see that just as Paul wrote, our circumstances have turned out for the furtherance of the gospel. What more could I ask for?

**Someone asked about where we will be, so for those who want to know, we are speaking at the 10:50 service at Eudora Baptist Church.**


Anonymous said...

For those of us in your area, could you tell us where you will be speaking? I would love to come and listen.

Laurie in Ca. said...


It has been a blessing to walk with you since before Poppy Joy was born and see where the Lord has brought you to this past year. Her life has just begun to touch so many as it has touched mine and your readers here. I share your joy in this that He is doing in your lives. I love you.


Trudy said...

Your story is powerful. I'm walking in that unknown stage wanting an answer but trying to be patient. I yearn for the time when everything will make perfect sense. You give me hope that it will.