Tuesday, May 17, 2011

non-verbal communication

Who needs it? Not Graham. He and his sisters tired of that about one week after he was born, so I graciously stepped in to help them out. Graham needed a voice, and I provided it.

It might surprise you to know that Graham is quite the talker indeed. He talks to the girls all day long, and it's getting him to stop that is sometimes the trouble. He tells them what he wants and what he doesn't want. He isn't afraid to ask them for their help with getting him diapers and burp cloths and new clothes. He tells them story and sings silly songs, and he entertains with his antics and jokes. There's pretty much not anything he won't say.

Every once in awhile Graham will wake up and forget to greet the girls, or heaven forbid, sometimes I answer a question directed solely at him. The girls are quick to correct me. After all, it's not me they are wanting to hear from. They want to speak to their brother. And who can blame them? Graham is a charmer, no doubt about it.

The only place Graham seems to be shy is in public, where he typically either whispers or defers conversation to me. Just one of his little quirks I suppose. Marianna and Adrienne are usually understanding of this one shy tendency. Usually.

No, we really can't imagine Graham using strictly non-verbal communication skills around here. He simply has too much to say to wait til he's one!


Laurin said...

Love it, Ang! Savannah is the one who provides the voice for Luke these days, but, after reading this, I'm inspired to do it!

Adam & Amy Wilson said...

Angie! I just had some fun reading through your recent posts! Though I could write a novel in response to your snake post, I'll keep it light and say how fun this one was to read: it brought back great memories of listening to your Mom talk for Breanna. I'm requesting a "sounds like" on Graham's voice. :)