Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Revving Up

Slowly but surely, I am going to get into the swing of things this new year. I haven't blogged in about two weeks, and no, I haven't even thought of any good topic for today. I've been on overload I suppose. So much Christmas, family time, birthdays, New Year's celebrating, getting back into the swing of work, and house cleaning that the blog has fallen by the way side. Fortunately no New Year's resolutions were made regarding blog faithfulness, so none have been broken =).

I have thought about it now and again, if that makes it any better. I would in passing think something like, "When in the world am I going to put something on my blog?" and that would be it. My self-question was never self-answered. Then my subconscious took it one step further. I had a dream two nights ago that our house had been burglarized—a very realistic dream, I might add—and I distinctly remember in the dream thinking, "Well, at least I finally have something to blog about." But thankfully I woke up and found that while I didn't have a blog topic any longer, I did have a house untouched by vandals.

So where to start is the question. Since I'm stumped, I'm going to go with my friend Laurin's ingenius method for blogging when inspiration alludes. So here goes 10 things about our life in the past 10 days.

1. This year was the year of stockings!!! I am lover of stockings, while at the same time recognizing that my stocking days are in the past. But this year both my mom and Nathan's decided to go old school in the stocking department, which means Nathan and I loaded up on gum, candy, and gift cards! Such a fun surprise.

2. We loved having Nathan's brother, sister, and three nieces in town for such a long, wonderful visit!

3. Cousins every day for 10 days=2 very happy girls.

4. It also=sleep deprivation for both of those happy girls, which at times made them into unhappy girls. But it was worth every sleep deprived second, especially since all the lost rest is made up for now.

5. Nathan is now dangerously close to entering a new decade. He turned 29 on the 26th, and I love him more now—middle aged as he might be—than I ever have before!

6. I pick out just about all of his birthday presents, making it no coincidence that I often like many of the things he gets. This year is no exception, with Super Mario Brothers for the Wii ranking at the top of Angie's list of favorite gifts Nathan received for his birthday. We have already beaten the game and saved the princess, in case you wanted to know ;)

7. The Adrian Rogers Legacy Bible just came out, and I am so excited about getting to read through the Bible with so many of my grandfather's sermons and notes right along side. Such an amazing thing!

8. After having spent two years in a row beginning our New Year's eve celebration at Shogun, I think I'm ready to make it a tradition. We don't eat Japanese food any other time of the year, but on New Year's eve, it just seems to hit the spot. Plus it take two hours to finish the meal, and with a whole night to burn before midnight, why not?

9. I have run four measly times since the race. And with the temps as they are, I don't see that changing any time soon. Maybe February will be warmer...

10. Adrienne completed her maiden voyage out of her crib without assistance today. I'm anxious to see how that will change life from here on out.


Anna said...

angie! so glad christmas was great - we missed all of you </3 but i must say i am very happy that nathan received super mario brothers for his birthday, that game rules!! :D also, my dad absolutely LOVES what every pastor ought to know. thanks for helping captain with getting that!

unlike you, i have resolved to become a dedicated blogger for this year, we'll see how it goes - look, i'm starting with a comment!

one more thing - thanks for the running inspiration! i registered for my first half today. and you were so right. getting past the initial 30 minutes without being winded WAS the hardest and now i feel great running! phew! i will be glad to get back to texas though because this weather is really putting a damper on my enthusiasm! (sorry for the long comment) xo

Laurin said...

6. Sounds fun! We are trying to figure out a new game to get so we may have to give that one a try.
7. How wonderful! Might just have to make that purchase soon.
8. We really missed our Memphis friends this year on New Year's Eve!
9. I have zero inclination to really run these days!

Lee said...

Carter T. was telling us about the Legacy Bible! I can't wait to purchase one.

julie said...

we got a legacy bible for christmas! i have really enjoyed it!

Mel said...

I love my A.R. Legacy Bible! I was reading I John the other day and I read his commentary at the bottom of the page. He was so wise!

I enjoyed Shogun, especially the noodles. They were my favorite!

Anonymous said...
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Trennia said...

You have a blog award on my blog waiting for you!

Allison said...

Just wanted to let you know I started receiving your grandfather's devotions and I LOVE them! What a neat and special man!

Anita Vice said...

I just want to say thanks for telling us about the Bible. I always have trouble understanding the Bible but not since I got the Bible last week. It the fabulous, and the best gift my husband has ever bought me. Thanks and may God Bless you. Anita Vice