Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If you've looked at my blog in the past 15 hours, you'll have noticed that I tried to take things into my own hands regarding a new blog layout, and it didn't turn out pretty.  I'm always thinking that I have more talent in creative technology than I do, and then finding out the hard way what my deficiencies really are.  So now, in my ambitious but un-inspired attempts to design a new blog header for myself, I have accidently deleted my old one.  And on top of that, I can't seem to get even the small things, like making the pictures on the side bar look the same size, to work for me.  

I am not a blog designer.  Just like I am not a hair dresser.   Evidently these things just require a little hands on experimentation before I can come to grips with them.  

So I would love some help.  Are any of you up to the challenge of a blog makeover, or do you know someone who is? I am now officially in the hiring, instead of designing, business.


Emily said...

A friend of mine, Krystyn, does an amazing job. (She designed my blog). Her site is www.krizzydesigns.com (she's very affordable too!) We're friends in real life as well and she's just an all around rockin' mommy and woman!
Also, check out http://sneakymommablogdesign.blogspot.com/
She offers free tips and advice.
What you have done so far looks great though! Way better than I could have done!

lhall said...

Hi! You don't know me, but I finally felt compelled to comment (ironic, after all the things that you've said that have moved me). I have a dear friend who does blog designs brilliantly...she'll really make it to be exactly how you want it. You can go view mine (Like Sands through the Hourglass) and other designs she's done at www.redbuddesigns.blogspot.com

she also does adorable invitations and announcements incase you have a need for those anytime soon! Hope this helps!

Teale said...

I do blog-lifts! Check out my site... www.tealesdigidesigns.blogspot.com

The Schwant Family said...

Hey! I'd love to do one for you, for free of course. I love your blog. Just email me

erinschwant AT hotmail DOT com

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I used Ashley at Hippo Scraps - she was great!


Jenny Thomas said...

Hey Angie, my husband and good friend have their own business, Blue Arrow Design and they could do a fabulous job for you at a really affordable rate. Allen does website design and Luke is a graphic designer so they design some really neat things. I can give you Allen's email if you want it.

Farrar Four said...


She does a FABULOUS job on designing blots! Check her's out!

MomMom said...

I used Faith at A Design of Faith. I'm sure you could google it and find her web site. She's so sweet to work with---a wonderful Christian girl who is only my blog friend but I know we'd be friends in real life if we met.

Ashley & Stephen Bauch said...

Try the design girl. She's done my blog twice and I LOVE her!