Friday, March 27, 2009

sew easy

I couldn't stand looking at the pictures of the termites anymore, so I found something a little easier on the eyes. I was looking on etsy this morning for a baby present when I came across something I thought was pretty neat. DIY. I had no idea what that meant before I came across this skirt.

Isn't that fun? I love the big animal print and the bright colors, but even better than that, I learned about DIY, aka do it yourself. The idea is that this seller will send you the skirt kit, complete with the pre-cut fabric, ruffle, and elastic. With the hard work already completed by the seller, all that's left for you the buyer to do is to apply a little needle and thread action and you're done!

I love sewing, and on a very basic level, I know what I'm doing. But even so, seeing the cute fabric combinations with the grunt work already done is a very tempting proposition! It's slightly more expensive than getting all the supplies and starting from scratch, but sometimes designer fabrics can be $10-15 a yard anyway, making this skirt quite reasonable.

After seeing the skirt, I looked around to see if any other sellers had DIY options available, and my search came up with this pillowcase dress

and this seller who has a collection of iron on appliques for t-shirts. This guitar was one of several she had available.

If you've been wanting to try your hand at sewing, and you haven't known where to start, this seems like as good a place as any. Or if you are too busy to invest the time it takes to do it all, why not start here?

A fun idea I think. I'm going to order the animal print skirt and give it a go.


Laurin said...

Of course you know right when I got home, I looked on your blog to see what you were talking a/b it! LOVE IT! Almost too much for me to take it in. I think I may be getting a little over the top with sewing or rather my ideas to sew = ).

shannon said...

Maybe I should sell all the fabric I have already cut out and never sewn, lol. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

hmm... I wonder what you were on etsy looking for!?


Emily said...

So cute. I love DIY stuff. Well, I love when other people DIY...I'm totally not that talented. I'm not even sure I own needle and thread! lol. I have a friend who has an etsy site with cute baby stuff...check it out;

Cristi said...

Oh I am so glad the termite post is gone! And this looks fun.

Adam & Amy Wilson said...

I love every piece-- but especially the skirt and fun! I complained my way through sewing pillow covers for my couch pillows 2 years ago, so I figured sewing wasn't for me. Part of me wants the skill under my belt, though, so thanks for the opportunity for introduction. I think I still need a little more motivation than I currently have, but those fabrics are almost getting me there!