Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sweetness, of all varieties

There has been so much sweetness around these parts lately, I can hardly stand it =). I thought I would share some of it with you.

* I think these four cousins dressed up is sweetness itself. Dorothy and the Lion are posing with Tink, and the barely pictured but unbelievably cute, Peter Pan.

* Planning ahead for next year, I went ahead and bought costumes for Nathan and me (the first time ever). What is sweet about that? The fact that they were 90% off! $3.00 apiece for these dynamic Spaghetti and Meatball costumes.

* Today Marianna and I made a baby chain with 30 links, one for every day remaining until Graham's birthday! I got the idea from MckMama, and I thought the girls would love the visual picture of the time drawing close.

* Today at the park, Nathan and I witnessed the sweet innocence of childhood in a special form. While the girls were playing on the playground, a young man with down syndrome came over and began playing with them. He was nearly an adult, but the girls were enthralled by the way he was so willing to play with them in a way most grown ups don't. They were oblivious in every way to his differences, and instead they saw him for what he was: a new friend. Marianna talked about how much fun she had playing with him all afternoon. Melted my heart.

* Marianna has been writing stories constantly. I think it is safe to say writing is her number one pass time of late, and one I picked up today I thought was especially sweet (and humorous). It is entitled "The Love of Me" and goes like this: "I love dad. I love mom. I love sistr.

* I finally took a picture of my very pregnant tummy. I cannot wait to meet this sweet boy one month from today.


mwright said...

sweet post! you look so much bigger in that picture than in person...kind of deceiving! love the baby chain idea.

julie said...

did you for real buy those halloween outfits???!!!

Mel said...

Such a sweet picture of your baby bump!!!