Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday Days

After a weekend of celebrating, Adrienne officially turned two on Monday. She seems unaware that this is her moment to become terrible, so thankfully she has continued on just as always. I hope none of her older friends let her in on the secret =)

We started the celebration on Saturday with a cookout party in Adrienne's Jannie and Smokey's (my parent's) backyard, newly equipped with play set and a trampoline, making it a fun party destination. There was only one problem. Two minutes into the party, Adrienne took a nasty fall. Probably the worst one to date. There was blood and swelling, both things that don't seems right for a birthday girl, but she took it in stride and seemed to enjoy the party regardless of all injuries sustained.

There were presents, games, jumping, crafts, and my very favorite part, a lovely pig cake!

Adrienne's wounds are healing nicely, and she got some encouraging news from her doctor when we went for her two year checkup. She is now officially on the growth chart, weighing in at the 5th percentile for weight! For a girl who has never gotten to the first, that's something to celebrate all by itself. She also has been doing some vertical growing as well, hitting the 50th percentile for height.

Our girl is growing up. She is talking more every day, growing more lovely all the time, and she has never been a greater joy. Happy birthday, baby girl!


Mel said...

Happy Birthday, Adrienne!

Penny said...

She's so adorable! Two is one of my favorite ages! :)

PeaceLoveHappiness said...

So darling! She is one cutie pie, and so is that cake!