Saturday, October 31, 2009

Reformation Day

Did you know that's what today is? Reformation Day. The day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the All Saints' Church, an event that has since been credited for the spark of the Protestant Reformation. A pretty good day to celebrate, don't you think?

Better than Halloween in my opinion. We in the Luce household enjoy dressing up most days of the year, so of course October 31st is no different. Throw in a little candy to sweeten the deal? Well, let's just say we have a day that warranted Marianna going around to her little friends last night, grabbing them by the upper arms, and with a smile stretched across her face exclaiming, "Tomorrow is Halloween!" But there is something about celebrating Halloween that I don't like. To me, there is still so much evil associated with the day, so much darkness, that it doesn't sit right with me.

Of course, for the purposes of the little girls in my house, the extent of Halloween is getting to dress up in beautiful costumes, get loads of candy, and play with friends. And there's nothing wrong with one little bit of that. I just don't want to celebrate Halloween itself. So I like that today is Reformation Day. Something worth celebrating along side all of the fun that comes with October 31.

In anticipation of today, last night we took care of a few preparations.

We started in the kitchen, as Marianna exercised some superior skills with a tube of icing.

The finished product. Quite cute, I do believe.

And then we took care of our pumpkin. No carving for us this year. We went with the surprisingly cleaner alternative of pumpkin painting.

A very colorful finished product.

Today's festivities have not begun, but they will center around one Alice in Wonderland (or Allison Wonderland, as Marianna prefers) and her faithful side kick, Adrienne Bee. The big fun comes later this afternoon and evening. Trunk or Treating at church, trick or treating at home, and a birthday party for a friend to wrap it all up. Happy Reformation day indeed!


MomMom said...

Great thoughts, Angie, and I agree with you. Love the cupcakes and the painted pumpkins. They did such a good job!!

Anonymous said...

The bebes looked so cute in their costumes! Mama

Anonymous said...

any costumed photos?

LeahBud said...

Reformation day. Love it. we weren't allowed to trick or treat because my mom thought that since halloween was a pagan holiday with evil origins we shouldn't celebrate it.
I think it is okay to to trick or treat and dress up in cute costumes and so on.
But I agree that there is alot of darkness and depravity associated with halloween.
One of the most irritating to me being that girls/woman dress in innappropriate attire that they wouldn't wear on any other holiday or at any other public event but for some reason think it is okay because it's halloween. I went to the halloween store in the old World Market building and 99% of the womens costumes were "sexy fill-in-the-blank"
I can't believe some of the pictures that popped up on my facebook news feed this weekend.
I just want to be like "Umm would you wear a bra knee socks and a rubberband around your waist to thanksgiving? or a christmas party?

LeahBud said...

Now that we got that out of the way...:) VERY CUTE CUPCAKES!