Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wearisome warts


Visions of warts being burned off, frozen off, cut off, or taken off in any form what so ever were all put to rest today when the doctor whipped out a bottle of  brown fluid to apply to Marianna's fingers.

Wart polish.  No, that's not the technical name, but it is the one Marianna coined for this no-pain-involved wart treatment.  In fact, I think Marianna would go for some wart polish every day if it were up to her.  She loved the entire experience, from the waiting room, to the looking at weird pictures of infected toe nails in the exam room, to the procedure itself.  She laughed, smiled, and joked her way through the visit Nathan and I had been dreading for months.


Now to the big question.  Will it work?  So far the warts look completely unchanged.  The doctor told me that blisters would form on top of the warts, but as of bed time, no blisters. Which leads me to reevaluate the last sentences of my original post:  

But one thing is sure.  When we arrive home, the warts will be gone!

Evidently, the one thing I was for sure about was not something I should have staked such surety in!  I do hope that something happens eventually.  Yes I'm glad that there wasn't any pain, but I'm also hoping that the wart polish has more effect than a placebo! 

I'll keep you posted.  Something I know many of you were keeping those fingers crossed about. After all, nothing tops a good wart update.

It's time to say goodbye to the warts.  We've been putting this off because of how horrible the ordeal might be for a girl who is already petrified of the doctor.  I sure didn't want to do something to permanently set her over the edge in that regard.  And if it was just aesthetic, I'd say, let's wait even longer.  But Marianna originally only had one small wart, and then that one turned into two small warts, and now those two small warts have morphed into two rather large warts.  If the trend continues, she'll be covered before long, so we are off to wart removal.

Nathan gave me a little testimonial that last time he was in the dermatologist, he heard a shriek from a small child that chilled his blood.  


I'm promising her a treat for afterward, but again, Nathan offered the optimistic, "I don't think she'll care what you've promised her at the moment that needle is coming toward her finger."  Thanks for that, honey.

So, it is with these strong forebodings that I am heading off to the doctor for our 2:30 appointment.  Right now Marianna says she's excited, so I'm taking that as a small, albeit very small, sign that everything might go smoothly.  Or maybe I'll come out looking like I've just waged war with a tiger.  But one thing is sure.  When we arrive home, the warts will be gone!


Laurin said...

Ang, I hope it went better than anticipated.
Funny story a/b warts. I had them on my fingers off and on since I started dating Aaron...so for a/b 9 years. Is that gross? Oh well.
But, when we moved to Louisville, they just disappeared. For real. I got so tired of going to the dermatologist as well as getting wart remover, I just stopped and lived with them. Move here...they're gone...should have moved to L-ville earlier I guess

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Hope it all goes well! I had a friend who had warts like that growing up and she finally got them taken off as a teenager and swears she wishes someone made her do it earlier. She felt so much better and her hands are pretty and smooth.

Rachel said...

If she takes after her mom, I doubt it will be a pleasant experience. I remember clearly being in Dr. Castellaw's office and hearing a blood-curdling shriek from ACROSS THE BUILDING. That was my brave sister having hers removed.

Maybe she'll take after her aunt. If so, I'll be happy to take some scissors to those suckers and be done with it in no time!

The Sanchez Family said...

Coming from someone who expirenced this as a teenager and I still refuse to go back to that dematologist, I will be praying hard for her! I hope all goes well for the both of you. As a mother I know how hard it is to watch someone hurt your baby and as a patient of someone who had them removed from her fingers I know how bad it will hurt! I hope your expirence is better than mine!

Ashley McWhorter said...

Oh, goodness! Have you already done it? If not, try putting vinegar on a cotton ball and then putting in on the warts, for a couple of nights. Just use a band aid to hold it on. My daughter had one on her wrist and it worked like a charm!!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Angie,

I'll be praying for you and for Marianna. Just don't let her watch the needle!! I used to hold my kids head and distract them. I hope it goes well for you and isn't that Nathan just such a "beam of positive light"?:) Just kidding. I love you girl.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Just'N Angel said...

Wow! Nathan helped so much with the positive thoughts! LOL! Hope sweet Marianna came through okay. She's such a sweetheart.

read2kds said...

I wish I had read this earlier...my nephew had no less than 90 warts and was seeing a pediatric dermatoligist at Egleston's in Atlanta with NO LUCK. He had endured all sorts of treatments that were very unpleasant. My sister read somewhere about using Tea Tree Oil, found anywhere, even CVS, as a kinder gentler wart remover and my nephew is WART FREE. If one comes up again I would definitely try it! Hope your day went OK.

Blessings, Amy in NC

Cristi said...

I hope they stay off! We had my sons removed a few months ago and they are back already! I havent even paid the doctor in full yet! Hope thats not the case with you. I am sure it wont be.

Anonymous said...

Something that I have used for wart that has really worked was to pull off a little part of a cotton ball and saturate it in apple cider vinegar and put it on the wart and put a band aid on it. The bad thing is you have to do this for a week or two. However sometimes cute band aids kids will let you do it for that long. Just a suggestions that doesn't cost much. But trust me, I had tried many things like freezing and wart remover things, this worked just have to keep it up.

Ashley said...

I saw your update and was so happy they didn't have to bun them off. When I read earlier I was too late to mention it b/c I figured you'd left for the appt, but our dermatologist calls it "beetle juice" and it does work. At least for the three year old in my house! The blisters did hurt her a little, but not nearly as bad as the freezing/burning off would. Hope it works as well for y'all!

Adam & Amy Wilson said...

Glad Marianna (and Mommy) had a positive experience @ the Dr. I had warts on the bottom of my feet when I was younger and had to apply this dumb patch of sorts to them for months...along with warm water soaks and some other wearisome tasks. They eventually surrendered and came off, but I remember them hanging on for the long haul. There's some encouragement for your day! :( I hope the polish is successful and your little wart-bearer stays upbeat throughout the process.

Tonia said...

My daughter had warts on her feet when she was about Marianna's age. My sister gave us some tea tree oil essential oil from Neways. Young Living also has some high quality essential oils. We put about 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on a bandaid and put it on her wart in the morning and night. Kept one on there constantly for about a week AND THEY WERE GONE!!! Very safe and pleasant experience. Just a thought!! Let me know if you try it and if it works!!

Dee Dee said...

We've been there -- with more than one of ours. I remember one had a wart right by her eye. And I was pretty frustrated with the doctor who gave me POISON IVY extract to put on one chid's wart -- can't remember for sure if it was the eye one -- in hopes it would help it go away. It didn't work, but probably because I barely tried it. Felt like the middle ages, and this was maybe 14-15 years ago. Eventually the warts did go away, thankfully. Glad to know the doctors seem to have a better approach now.

Melody said...

I had to use that wart polish to remove a wart on my foot last year. The dermatologist told me to apply a thick layer of wart polish, wrap that whole part of my foot in duct tape, and leave it wrapped as long as I could stand it (day and night). I'm sure you could easily pull this off using a band-aid for Marianna. Something about using the wart polish + not allowing air to get to the wart and allow more growth...? Good luck!

aashna said...

There are different ways to remove warts are there. That is easy way is aloe vera. Apply aloe vera juice or apple cider vinegar onto the surface of the wart. You will need to execute this three to four times a day or till the wart is removed.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet the "wart polish" was poison ivy extract, renamed so that people wouldn't fear it. So, did it work?