Thursday, May 28, 2009

my new friend, the killer

Take a few minutes to look at this picture.  Look at that lady.  Doesn't she look like she's practically flying?  Doesn't it appear as if that sleek, aerodynamic jogging stroller is in some mysterious way making her job easier?  Almost like it is propelling her forward instead of the other way around?  

Absolutely effortless.  

It is because of just such an image that I began searching Craig's List for a nice, slightly used, jogging stroller.  I run in my parent's neighborhood, which is just a minute away from my own, because the main circle is exactly one mile.  Perfect for my running needs because it's easy to calculate.  And when I run I usually let Marianna play with my little sister, Breanna.  But I thought it might be nice if there was a way to take Adrienne with me.  The jogging stroller is the logical answer.  

I mean really, how could I not get one when it looks this incredible? I almost felt like I'd be missing out on something without this three wheeled contraption to forge the path ahead of me.

So I found a nice, slightly used jogging stroller just like I had been looking for.  On closer inspection it looked like the wheels were slightly deflated, but for $35.00, who cares about the  inconsequentials?  

This morning was our maiden voyage with the new jogging stroller, and we couldn't have asked for nicer weather to embark on the big run.  It was 70 degrees with a slight breeze.  Everything was looking our way. I flipped the iPod on and took off, a spring in my step, the stroller in front of me, and two miles calling my name.

100 feet and all was well.  200 feet and I was starting to feel a quickness of breath I didn't expect so soon into my run.  1/2 a mile later and the thing calling my name had changed.  My beating heart and heaving lungs were screaming quite a bit louder than the two miles ever had. 

I felt dead.  Well, not quite dead, but dead in proportion to what I should be feeling after 1/2 a mile.

Could it be possible that the jogging stroller with the slightly deflated wheels could possibly make that much of a difference?  The answer to that question, my friend, is yes.  Yes, it was possible that after completing one mile I felt like I was on the final stretch of a 5k.  It was possible that on the second mile I found the burn in my legs so much more intense that I expected that "running" was a term I could apply only sporadically to the activity I was taking part in.  Even the fast walking was leaving me out of breath.

I've heard intervals are good for your heart.  If so, I'm in good shape because it looks like there are a lot of intervals in my future as me and my new friend find our stride together. I don't anticipate any of these moments soon,

but I do hope that maybe in the future I'll be able to trick some people into thinking that it's a piece of cake.  Just like pushing air, really.  Not like the load of bricks it seemed like today.


Laurin said...

I feel your pain, Angie! I got a (cheapo) running stroller when S was a/b 5 months old. It was tough! I even asked my saavy running next door neighbor if it was just hard to push jogging strollers even if they were the expensive kind. He said it didn't matter how nice it was, it was tough...not sure if he was just trying to make me feel better.
I have yet to purchase a double jogging stroller b/c of the misery the other one caused. So, I'm left to putting the girls in my handy-dandy Graco plastic-wheel stroller which equals a lot of interval running for 3 miles. Put Charley in the equation and you can bet I'm looking pretty ridiculous. Hah!
I think for my b-day, I'm going to bless myself with a double jogging stroller. Sure it will still be hard but at least I'll look a bit less ridiculous (perhaps. perhaps not.)

Jennifer Burgett said...

I laughed at your post because I feel the same way when I run with my son. Of course he weighs about 40 pounds . . . that is not so easily pushed up a hill, running!

Tabitha and Kelly said...

I love your blog and your beautiful story. This is my first time to comment. I've had the same issues with joggins strollers and always believed a jogging stroller is a jogging stroller - that is until my friend outgrew her BOB. IT IS AMAZING!! If you can find one of those used you may glide just like the woman in the pic. Good luck!! It gets easier!! Blessings.

Emily said...
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Emily said...

I fell for that picture too...I will never forget the first time I gave a jogging stroller a chance (I borrowed my neighbors). Two miles later, I decided I didn't mind waiting until my husband came home and my kids were in bed before I went running! At least you know you're definitely getting a workout!

Radar's Mom said...

I bought a $400 jogging stroller and gave up after about 1/4 mile. Now it's just a very expensive, three-wheel regular stroller. But you've inspired me with your persistence and I'm going to give it another go... tomorrow (or perhaps the day after).

Lindsey said...

I don't really have any experience in the area of running strollers but just wanted to tell you I enjoy reading your blog. I am an L&D nurse at Germantown and remember the day that Poppy was born. Your outlook on life and your faith is inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I feel strange because Ive been popping into your blog for a while... and I finally decide to leave my first comment on such an important issue! lol. I HAD to. Although I do not have a jogging stroller...It seems the 4 wheeled kind are just as bad or not worse. This weekend while camping I thought I was going to Die running up ONE hill with my son in the stroller as my 6 year old sprinted past me... so I think your doing pretty good!