Friday, February 13, 2009


I am SO excited about the new recipes!!!! Every single one of them sounds delicious, and with the exception of Paula Dean's soup, which I have tried and loved, I haven't had any of them. I seriously can't wait to get in the kitchen and start trying them out, one by one. I won't lie to you, Nathan looked pretty happy about it last night as he scrolled through the comments =). He never complains about anything, but a few sly glances over his shoulder while he was reading confirmed that a little variety is always welcome.

But now to my confession. We were able to go out last night with a couple who has recently travelled a similar path to what we did with Poppy, and it was so good talking with them that before we knew it we had been at the restaurant for three hours, and the grocery store was closed. I was forced to do what is the equivilent of play group suicide: I went to Target and got a frozen enchilada casserole and some chips and dips. Yes it's humiliating, but even before this, I know I wasn't kidding anyone about my cooking abilities. And if I'm going to keep going with the honesty, I have to admit that this might not even be the low point. The last play group I hosted I actually ordered pizza. Yikes.. On the bright side, at least I had prepared for the crafts, so we'll be doing some killer Valentines for daddies and heart picture frames.

I am making a resolution to not let this happen again, and thanks to all the input, sticking to the resolution shouldn't be that hard. Please take the time to look through the list and get some ideas from those who shared... The ideas really are wonderful!! Gracias to everyone who took the time to give a recipe. I will try and highlight some of the ones I try over the next month!

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beccad said...

Oh don't worry about that girl we have all been there and done that. At least you were able to be there for some friends and minister to them. I'm sure the playgroup will not mind. I need to get Julianna in a playgroup since on Fridays both of the boys are in school and it is just us. Have fun and I'm sure everyone will enjoy what you make.