Monday, February 16, 2009

Bible Adventures

This morning I heard Marianna talking to herself, and I wasn't surprised to find her pretending. She usually spends some time every day reenacting Disney movies or making up entirely new princess adventures.

I happened to ask, "What are you doing, honey?" She looked up and smiled, "I'm pretending that God is killing me."

Oh my. Hmm. What response is appropriate?

"Why are you pretending that, Marianna?"

"I'm the big girl, so God is killing me. You remember how God killed all the big girls in Moses' story?"

Ahh. Now I understand. She is the first born, so God is killing her during Pass Over. Obviously she's an Egyptian as well.

The funny thing is, I've never specifically told her that story, but she has been watching The Prince of Egypt this week, and one day she asked why Pharoah's son had died and I explained the concept of Pass Over. It looks like she really took that explanation to heart. Oh well... in addition to learning one of the great stories of the Bible, she's also picked up a fun little pass time.

I'm thinking of all the situations she might be in where, "I'm pretending that God is killing me" might not come across as an indicator of a disturbed mental state, but pretty much every one that comes to mind points to that conclusion. Hopefully the fact that she's three will cut her a little slack =).


MandieGirl said...

Oh my. It's so cute and awful at the same time. What an imagination, too. :)

Kenzie said...

Love that precious girl Ang. I have to tell you that each night we pick a family from our Christmas card board to pray for and the other night Deacon wanted me to tell him who all the kids were in each picture. He would point to one and then go to your card of Marianna and Adrienne... who is that girl? he asked. I explained to him who Marianna was and that her mommy and I were friends. I told him that she was just his age and had a little sister in heaven, just like his little brother Maddox. He said, she has another sister... like me. Yep I told him. He went to another card, then came back to yours. "I want her to come to my house and play"... well baby they can't right now because they live far away. He thought and then went to another card... then came back to yours... "I really want her to come and play. She can stay here for the WHOLE DAY and then when we're done playing she can go back to her home far away!" It was awesome and precious... so we might just have to make that happen. He LOVES looking at your girls. He's a boy through and through huh?

Love ya girl.

Linda said...

Interesting role play to be sure. Cannot imagine being a mother and losing a child to a soldier's sword as the Israelites did, or to the hand of God as did the Egyptians. How blessed we are to have been passed over in not having to pay for our sins. Also blessed that we have NOT been passed over to receive the life He has paid for.