Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Things Wednesday

1. My sister-in-law called today and let me know that my blog updating has something to be desired. That's why I'm sitting down this afternoon and getting to it =).

2. I think Anne of Green Gables is one of the best movies of all time. LOVE IT! I've been watching it this week over the course of several days, and I have proven once again that it doesn't matter how many times I see it. I will always cry.

3. I'm crazy about my new camera. For those who have asked, it is a Canon Rebel, and snapping away with it is pure joy. Here is a picture from this week's snow.

4. I have decided to run in another half-marathon sometime in April. Motivation is what keeps me going, and I've had the chance to prove to myself that without it, I just don't run.

5. Adrienne is developing quite an opinion on just about everything. Gone are the days where she allowed herself to be pushed around by an older sister, or where she could be counted on to be an angel in a shopping cart, or when she wanted nothing more to share anything and everything she had. She is almost two, and she is letting us know =)

6. Overstock is my best friend. I just ordered blinds for my entire house for 1/3 of the price we had been quoted from a local blind company. Best part? They look fabulous!

7. I continue to be a complete and utter failure at early wake-ups. 6:30 alludes me every morning, no matter the pep speech I give myself the night before. Oh the things that could be done if I would only get up and get to it!

8. I am trying to find two new frames to hang pictures of the girls. I love fun frames, but I'm having a hard time finding just the right ones. Anyone have a favorite frame shop? I'm all ears.

9. I'm almost done reading a book that I'm sure will impact me forever. It's called Adopted for Life by Russell Moore, and I feel like it's a must read for those who have ever thought about adopting, and a great book for those who have never even considered.

10. I don't wish that I lived 100 years ago, but if there is one thing I do envy from that time period, it is waltzing. How I would love to waltz!


Jana said...

in my defense, I called to make sure things were ok on your end and not to harass you! ;-)

LOVE Wild Sorbet frames - check out their blog & website. these are the same frames I have Kate's Uppercase Living name in that hangs over her crib and the frames that are in the girls room. not the easiest site to maneuver, but you'll get the idea.

also LOVE Anne of Green Gables. ;-) along the same lines, let me know how Marianna liked the Little House on the Prairie books, and I might give them a go w/ my girls when you get done!

Mel said...

Angie, the pics you are taking with your new camera are wonderful! Isn't it amazing the difference with a nice camera? Bryant and I have wanted one for awhile and whenever we get one I'll have to have you give me a lesson.

It's been a long time since I've watched Anne of G.G. I'll have to remember that next time I want to watch a movie when B is out of town!

read2kds said...

The other thing that I would love about living 100 years ago is afternoon tea...I love the formality of it!

Anonymous said...

Chad and I are reading Adopted for Life together right now. We're blessed because we are able to here him live and experience his story from outside eyes since Chad's at Southern Seminary. The book is pretty amazing and we're only on the second chapter! It's making us even more excited about adoption in the future.

Adam & Amy Wilson said...

Several months ago Adam started reading Adopted For Life and after he told me a few things about it, I decided I would mention the title to you as a sort of inexperienced recommendation. Guess you beat me to it/I completely forgot! Glad you are enjoying it. :)

Julie Torregrossa said...

My sister and her husband have their own custom frame business right here in Bartlett! Their styles are very similar to Wild Sorbet but at much less the price. I have been carrying their frames for almost a year with my photography business and my customers love them. They can do custom size, style, trim, just about whatever you can dream up!

Please take a look. They currently have a blog set up that shows their stuff. It is

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have questions. They are also located on my site as well. Look under the products page.

In Definition said...

if you're looking for the cheaper end...hobby lobby for the frames:) and print off a 40% off coupon before you go to get a great deal!

they are having an Adopted for Life conference at Southern in a few weeks with Russ Moore, David Platt, Andrew Peterson...and more. It would be a good reason for you to bring those cute girls up to Louisville for a visit:) David and I will be at the conference. check it out.

Faith said...

"You'll feel much better after you take a shower."
For me getting out of bed is the hard part but after I'm up it gets much better. I tell myself that I will feel better after my shower because sometimes it is hard to remember when you are so tired.
It also helps if someone says it to you.

Anonymous said...
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Clare said...

I have a canon rebel (450d) too, I got mine for Christmas!

Aren't they fab cameras!

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amanda and bear said...

have you decided what race to run in April? i am going to do the Country Music Half in Nashville at the end of April with a friend that hasn't done a race in a long time. Let me know if you want to join us. We already have a hotel room and could have two more people to split it with if you or you and someone else want to go.

kanishk said...

Uppercase Living name in that hangs over her crib and the frames that are in the girls room. not the easiest site to maneuver, but you'll get the idea.

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