Thursday, November 5, 2009

a head start: not always a good thing

Halloween has become the new Thanksgiving, don't you think? In days past it seems like the Christmas decorations waited until black Friday, or at least until Thanksgiving was just around the corner, and talk of Christmas shopping was reserved for the four weeks counting down to December 25. Well, those days are obviously no longer.

Today as the girls and I walked through the mall, Marianna was quick to notice the glittery garland strung from the ceiling, squealing with delight about the beautiful decorations. I also heard djs on the radio talking about the numerous websites out there dedicated to Black Friday sales. You can evidently go to,,—you get the picture. And it's only the first week of November.

I'm sorting out how I feel about all of that. Every year it seems the advertising market stretches us a bit more, makes us feel a little more comfortable with Christmas music before Thanksgiving, decorations the day after Halloween, and the build up of huge sales weeks before they actually take place. So is there anything so wrong with that?

Not really. It's still my choice to decide when I will personally dive into the holiday bliss, but the early marketing steals away a little of the fun. How so? There's something of a let down in waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to really get into the season, only to feel like you've finally given in to the tide around you. Instead I wish we could all get on board together with one big giant unveiling of the Christmas season. An all of the sudden, BOOM, it's here and it's all around us kind of feeling.

It's the same with snow. What's better: Going to sleep with no snow and waking up to find a blizzard has come while you slept and left you with 2 feet of snow, or gradually throughout the day and evening watch as 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch builds up on the ground until finally, you have enough to go out and play in? I rest my case. Everyone prefers the overnight blizzard.

And that's what I miss about Christmas. I wish an overnight blizzard would hit the Friday after Thanksgiving, knocking us over with the Christmas joy and jump starting the season the right way. I'm all for capitalism, but I do feel the loss of what marketing has taken from me by exploiting these early November weeks.

Don't worry, it won't steal my joy. I will make my lament and move on. But still, don't you think Christmas would be just a little nicer if it waited and came when it should?

And just to show solidarity with my topic, I will post a Halloween picture of my girls. No red and green for us. Not yet. But it's coming =).


Lee said...

I hear ya. They always rush us into the next holiday. You know we'll be seeing hearts and candy before we even hit New Years Eve! And as much as I feel the fall coming and want to pop in some Xmas music. . .I give in a little. . .but I still want to make myself wait so that the tension doesn't have to stretch so far.

krueth said...

I also understand...Its a shame they try and pass over is such an important holiday for us to remember ALL we have to be thankful for. Then after Thanksgiving I hit my house with decorations and do my shopping etc. Love Christmas but love my thanksgiving too

Candace said...

I totally agree, Angie. I felt sick this summer when I was at Hobby Lobby looking for the clearance aisles and found that the clearance aisles had been cleared out and Christmas decor was up... it was the middle of summer for crying out loud! I just wanted to shout at the top of my lungs.... let me enjoy one season at a time!

lovinsanta said...

I agree that Thanksgiving is lost each year and it is sad! Try living in the town of Santa Claus, IN you are surrounded by it ALL year long :)

The only defense I have for the Hobby Lobby, Michaels etc I am a little happy about it coming out early (okay not July for sure) so I can make crafts. I try to do mine ahead of time not to get in the spirit per say, but so I'm not stressed out trying to get them done.

Heather in Santa Claus

Penny said...

I love your "Allison Wonderland" dress. =) and your honeybee, too. My granddaughter had that bee outfit her first Trick or Treat 2 years ago. Head over to my blog and see the little rat she was this year. ;)

Matt and Bethany said...

I feel the same way, Angie. Today, we drove by a house that was completely decked out with snowmen and Christmas lights. It felt out of place in the 70 degree weather we were having!