Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Two glorious weeks of weather.


It has been amazing. No rain. No coats. Only glorious fall weather, begging for parks and zoo trips and bike rides. So what gets left behind? Blogging. And that is A-Ok by me. We'll trade in the nice weather for frequent updates any day of the year! I hope all of you have been enjoying the same.

The weather is supposed to continue for several more days, but I wanted to pop in from my weather break to tell you about something incredible we got to experience on Sunday and Monday. A man by the name of Ken Ham came and spoke at our church, teaching 7 sessions over two days. Have you ever heard of him? He is the founder of a ministry called Answers in Genesis, an organization built around the principles that the foundation of the Bible is built upon the truth found in that very first book.

We all have questions. I don't think we can be alive in this period of history and not have questions about many of the topics Ken Ham and AIG focus their attention. Do you ever wonder about evolution vs creation? How dinosaurs fit into the Bible? What the Bible says about the age of our earth? Was the flood a literal world-wide catastrophe? Where did all of the races come from? How do science and religion fit together?

All of these questions and more he discussed with compelling arguments and logic. He is passionate about those questions because he believes with all of his heart that they matter. He explained that many people who have a relationship with God say something like this, "Well, I believe that creation _____________ (fill in the blank), but it doesn't really matter." He argues that nothing could be farther from the truth. I won't be able to do his argument justice, although I wish I could, but let me say, if you are the least bit curious about really having some foundation for what you believe, or if you want a strong, biblical argument for any of these topics, you need to check out Answers in Genesis. His talks were some of the most vital I have heard on this subject. I wish everyone could hear him in person, but I do believe that all of the DVDs of his seminars are available, in addition to a wide selection of books and other materials.

Something else that he spoke about in great length was the Creation Museum. It's located up in Cincinnati, and it sounds amazing! The museum takes you through the pages of Genesis, complete with exhibits on dinosaurs, the flood, the tower of Babel, and more. It looks incredible, and as soon as the girls are old enough to go and understand what they are seeing, we're heading that way.

In other news, we here at the Luce household have a busy week in store, not the least of which involves a birthday for a certain soon-to-be four year old. In the midst of birthday preparations, there are race preparations for a 5k I have Saturday morning, and speaking preparations for a Ladies' Christmas Tea I will be sharing at on Thursday and Friday nights. I would appreciate prayers for the last item! So it will be busy, but a fun and exciting busy. I'm sure I won't check in before it's over, but rest assured that pictures of a pink poodlena birthday party are to come!


The VW's said...

Answers in Genesis and Ken Hamm are AWESOME! Hearing him speak gives me chills! Our family has been to the Creation museum and it is definitely worth the trip!

Hope you enjoy more wonderful Autumn weather...the best time of the year!

Laurin said...

You know the Creation Museum is just over an hour from us = ). Sounds like we need to plan a trip. Happy early Birthday to Marianna! Do great on your run! And I prayed this morning for your speaking!

Sarah said...

Our household really enjoys Ken Hamm. His books are great and so easy to read and understand. Awesome ministry and I wish our church could have him come speak.

anno said...

Hi :)
Yes, I have heard of Ken...he's an Aussie (like me!) His ministry is fantastic and very thought provoking. We attend a church that is bang on every other doctrine of the Bible, but has an open-mind on the literalness of Genesis. We're raising our kids to understand that Genesis 1-11 is history and we're proud to use AIG and Creation Ministries International resources. Did you know that Creation Ministries has two publications available: Creation Magazine for ordinary people and Journal of Creation which is a scientific journal. Creation magazine also contains a double page feature targetted especially at kids.

Mel said...

Angie, I didn't put two and two together when you were telling me about Ken yesterday. I had heard he was coming to Faith and was planning on going to hear him, but I had a couples shower to go to Sunday night. Let me know if he's planning on coming back to your church at some point. I would LOVE to go hear him.

Faith said...

I'm a nurse in Chicago and I sent a T18 mom to your blog tonight.

I have a suggestion for your blog that I wanted to mention. I'm wondering if there is any way that you could make your blog links on your side bar open into a new window. This may seem like a small thing but I think it is very helpful when someone is looking at your links. I often check on people through your blog links but forget to use the back button to return to your blog and instead end up closing the page. This isn't a big deal for me because I know your blog address like the back of my hand but others may not remember the address and may not be able to find you again.

Just a little thing that I thought I'd mention.

God Bless!!