Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coconut and Cletus

Yesterday I asked Marianna if she would like to join the children's choir at church when she turns four. I explained that it is a special thing that only kids four and older can be a part of, and since she loves to sing, I told her I thought it would be an exciting thing for her to try. 

Marianna can be a little gun shy of new things, so her immediate reaction was, "No, mom!  I'm an awful singer.  Just watch: (she begins singing) A-B-C-D-E-F, Coconut.  See! I told you I'm awful."

I stifled a laugh, and told her that singing the wrong words to a song didn't mean she was an awful singer, it just meant she was silly.  She then asked, "Well, then how can I sing awful?" All of that to say, maybe Marianna just hasn't found her nitch in the world of song.  Maybe she, like Tim Hawkins, will pursue a career in singing comedy.  

Speaking of Tim Hawkins, a couple of days ago I tried to post a video that Nathan and I found one night when we ended up on Tim Hawkins' website, perusing through his other paradies, but I wasn't successful. I'll just throw it out there that I was attempting to do so from a computer other than my own, with the one significant detail being it was not a Mac.  You can put two and two together. Either there are some issues with non-Mac computers or there are some issues with me =).  You decide.  

But back to the video, when we were going through all of his stuff, one video in particular was over the top silly and ridiculous, and since every once in a while I like something over the top, silly, and ridiculous, here is attempt number two. So if you find a minute or two, sit back and enjoy Tim Hawkins' version of the Carrie Underwood hit, Jesus,Take the Wheel.


mandiegirl said...

I'll say it's because it wasn't a Mac. I am SO partial to those lovely machines. :) Funny video.

Laurin said...

So hilarious on both accounts.
Because it was not a Mac, of course.

Penny said...

Marianna is such a smart, funny little girl! =)