Saturday, August 2, 2008

Walk for Life

We were able to adopt Adrienne through an incredible non-profit organization called Life Choices. Life Choices is a pregnancy help center with a mission to minister to moms in every variety of crisis pregnancy situation. I've been familiar with the ministry almost my entire life, and absolutely everything is done with integrity and compassion. It is a place where lives are truly being put back together again - a safe haven for the women who walk through those doors.

It's because of this that we turned to Life Choices when we made the decision to adopt. While not primarily an adoption agency, they do offer adoption for those moms who wish to make a plan for adoption for their babies. Obviously, we have been forever changed because of this fantastic organization, and it is my hope to dedicate much of my time in the future to doing whatever I can to volunteer and help make the ministry a continuing blessing to the women in our area.

Once a year Life Choices hosts a Walk for Life that all four of us will be participating in on Saturday, September 13, and we have been asked to try and get 12 people to sponsor us for $25.00. I wouldn't ask normally but I realized that there might be some of you out there who truly have a heart for this type of ministry. If that's the case, you can send the gift to

Life Choices
5575 Raleigh-LaGrange
Memphis, TN 38134

Just put on the memo that it is in honor of Adrienne. Every gift is tax-deductible. Please send me an email and let me know if you would like to participate, and I'll give an update if we reach our 12 sponsor goal!