Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson

I had the opportunity several weeks ago to fly out to Colorado Springs to speak with Dr. James Dobson of Family Talk ministries. It was such a privilege! I have grown up listening to Dr. Dobson, reading his books, and hearing about his stand for issues related to the family, so I was so honored to be able to go myself and speak with him about Poppy. I was given the chance to share our story of God's faithfulness to us through the diagnosis of trisomy 18. I shared about the incredible blessing in disguise that Poppy embodied, and our gratefulness to God for walking the journey with us. I'm praying that as it airs today, women who find themselves in the same spot that I did over four years ago will find hope and encouragement in our story! If you would like to listen to our interview, you can go to and stream our conversation. Also, here is a link to Poppy's Video.


Diana B. in Texas said...

I listened today to your interview on Focus on the Family. Y'alls story is so very special and leaves such a touching since of hope in my heart. Thank you for sharing. God is good, and you continue to prove this eternal truth through your testimony. I know your family cannot wait to be with her again when you meet the Lord.

Unknown said...

Listening to it now on WYBN 107.3 Phila area. Thanks for increasing awareness and sharing your families walk!!
I normally don't listen midday but I had to do a quick errand and still sitting here listening. Tears welling up with my girls 3 yo Alyssa (T18) and little did Leah. Thank you !

My condolence on the passing of your grandfather.

Unknown said... Alyssa's story

Jenny Johnston said...


I just listened to your interview on K LOVE radio in Kansas City, Mo. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I perked up because I share your story. My sister Kristin was diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome - Trisomy 18, just like Poppy. I felt like I was meant to hear your story today and hear your encouraging words. You absolutely made the right decision by allowing Poppy into this world and touching your heart. God blessed you with such a precious gift!

My sister Kristin is a blessing and we thank God for her everyday. I am her older sister and I remember the struggle my parents went through when they went to their ultrasound and received the same news you did. They of course opted not to have an abortion, and couldn't be more happy with their decision. Kristin brings pure joy to our lives, just like Poppy did with yours. I would love to reach out to you and talk if you are interested! You've been given a gift from God and I pray that you and your family continue to stay strong and live a wonderful happy life for Poppy.

Much love,
Jenny Johnston

Dionne said...

I just listened to your broadcast on Family Talk and had to share that it brought back memories for me, too. Eighteen years ago this summer, we were told that our second baby had anencephaly -- her brain was not developing and this was "incompatible with life" That long ago, there were few resources online, so your story really encourages me as a "pioneer" in pre-natal diagnosis and carrying to term.

God bless you and your family and rmember you will see Poppy again!

Dionne Merriott
Remembering Victoria Christine
10-24-94 - 12 hours of life

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what has happened to Ingrid Schlueter or her blog?

Anonymous said...

You can read about what happened with Ingrid and her father here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info about Ingrid and her blog.


Anonymous said...

I heard this on the radio this morning....what a great story.

Deb D. said...

Would love an update on your family.

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